New in: Chanel


Hey guys, i hope your Friday is more eventful than mine haha! Not much going on here. I had the cleaning lady here for the first time today and then took care of some must do things. Finding your little fur ball a doggie day care is some serious stuff, and looking at yelp reviews is scary. Some people and dogs have had some horrible experiences! But i think i found a good one and set him up for that. He can’t come with us next time we go to Toronto since we’re gonna go to the hockey games and be out all day. He will(hopefully) have a better time at day care 🙂

Speaking of Toronto! These are the goodies I got last time i was there. I’ve been looking around a while for a good pair and I had ones that i looooved but they kept breaking and i got tired of repairing them so i was really happy to find these 🙂 The classic CC with stones in shades of black and grey, perfect!

At the Race Track


Before we left Florida we were invited to the race track to go drive BMW cars. Naturally we both jumped at the opportunity since cars is cars, and we really love cars! I ended up not driving though. Maybe I would have had if it was only me and my man, but a few other guys were there for this event plus other privet cars and drivers that were member of the club. I love driving and driving fast, but I didn’t wanna embarrass myself or slow the guys down so I let them have their fun 🙂

From what I could tell, they loved it! They started with the slower models and moved toward the M models. Saved the best for last haha. The two cars on the last picture were their favorites, both 6 series, one is an M6 and the other on was a 650 i think. Haha it was so funny how they were talking about how fast they were going and how fun it was, and i was watching from the sideline thinking; it doesn’t look like they’re going fast at all! But its like that with everything, feels faster than it is and looks. Except for waiting, waiting feels long and it is always long and slow and boooooring. I want my hubby to come home, can you tell haha?!

Yorkville, Toronto

Started the day with breakfast at Nespresso Cafe. This was the first Nespresso Cafe I ever went to and I loved it so much. I was giddy all day and so happy to be back in Toronto!


Yorkville is kind of behind the best main shopping street(it is for me at least) Bloor, and its such a cute little area!
Fika break! (it’s a swedish thing/word, but we all do it. You guys just don’t know the proper word 🙂 )


Whaaat?! That drink was so good btw, almost as good as what’s in the bag 😉


If this is not the most picturesque CL store you’ve ever seen, I need to go wherever you have been.
Happy girl! Can’t wait to go back to see my man play the World Cup and show my parents around. The building here is actually the place where we lived while we were in Toronto 🙂

Oh Toronto how I’ve missed you! It was so fun to be back and see everything again and walk around where we used to live. For you who don’t know and have no idea what I’m talking about, we were living in Toronto for a few months one summer while my hubby was training up there. We both liked it a lot, and me especially since I’ve never lived in a big city before, and here i had the dream location. All the best shops and restaurants right outside our door. Needless to say, i was not bored and alone that summer. I was shopping and alone haha. Till my hubby came back from practice and we went exploring together 🙂

The drive from Buffalo wasn’t bad at all, took us 2 hours I think. We started the day at my beloved Nespresso Cafe and then went out to Bloor street for some shopping and looking around. I found some goodies, I’ll show you guys in another post! When we needed a break we went back to Yorkville for drinks and coffee before we headed home. And oh let me tell you, the drive home was not 2 hours.. We stood still for like and hour and a half! It was crazy, but in the end all worth it and i think my friend liked Toronto too 🙂

Labor Day and scones!


Healthy scones 🙂

Good morning guys 🙂 Yesterday there was a holiday here in the states (not that it really affects me because I’m always off but anyhow..) so I decided I’d bake scones for breakfast, light some candles and just stay cozy. But as you can see, no candles. It was the first time i was gonna use the oven since I’ve been here, and it started to smell gas. The stove is gas and I’ve used it and its fine. I have no idea if the oven is gas too but it must be. The longer it was on the more it smelled, in the whole apartment! I had to open all the windows and then call downstairs to see if this was normal or if anyone could come up. I got so scared it was a gas leak or something was seriously wrong. Scones are pretty quick thankfully so they got done and then i just turned it off. The smell went away eventually, but i was too scared to light any kind of candles. Must have seen too many movies or tv shows with gas and BOOM!! haha.

A guy is coming today to take a look at it and hopefully fix it. I love scones, and baking in general, so I don’t think i could do without an oven. Other plans for today then? Nothing major. I have to call or take little Shelby to the vet again for his itching and then run some errands. Later today a post about our trip to Toronto is coming up on here, don’t miss it 🙂

Delaware Park


The classic haha

Haha aaaah this guy! He totally completely refused to walk in the park today. We’ve been there before but today he just didn’t feel it I guess. After a while though I could put him down and he was fine. Funny guy. This park is so big and nice, just a 10 minute drive away, love it 🙂

That’s pretty much the only thing I’ve done today, went to the park and then just been home. Gave Shelby a bath which he hates but he’s so itchy and no one can figure out why, I feel so bad for him 😦 In other words we’ve had a lazy Sunday. Unpacked one more box, it’s going slowly but surely haha, but it’s no fun cus the closets here are out of this world horrible. Not thought threw at all so I’m waiting for the closet company to call me back. Need to put some more shelves up for shoes and bags and more spaces to hang clothes on. Also need to go buy more hangers(but that’s easy) and then we’ll be golden 🙂

Niagara Falls!



Good morning 🙂 Today is a slow one and I love those haha. Just finished breakfast and gonna go to the park soon with Shelby. I’m Starting to find my way around here and I still like it haha. The weather has been great so far so that helps!

How amazing does the falls look?! They are massive and just so majestic. It was really cool and another thing off the bucket list for sure. This one though, I have a feeling I’m gonna be crossing off the list a lot of times haha. Probably everyone that will visit us will wanna go since it’s so close, and I hope I won’t get tired of it 🙂

We had heard the Canadian side was the best one, so we parked on the US side and walked over to Canada. You can see the falls way better from that side but it’s also more touristy. They’ve build up more shops and activities(do you se the zip line people?!) around the Canadian side, while the US side is more true to nature. The second to last pic is from the spinning restaurant. We walked around for so long trying to find a nice hotel that had a restaurant on the top floor with an amazing view, but unfortunately they were not open for lunch. So we said screw it lets take the tourist one. But the food was surprisingly good and the view, totally amazeballs!!

Avocado toasting


Cheers(and toast ;)) to the weekend!

Sorry for a really silent week here on the blog, I’ve had my first visitor! Mona came up to visit me from Miami, we thought it’s better now when it’s still warm and nice here too. So naturally I wanted to spend as much as possible the four days she was here because now, we do t know when we’ll see each other again..:(

We explored my area here a bit and found this amazing cafe with healthy, organic foods. Loved it, I’ll be going there a lot because as you can see, avocado toast! There’s also a chocolate store right next to it so you know, while I’m there I might as well..:) We went on some longer adventures too, all the way to Canada?! Haha it’s just like 30 minutes away. I’ll make some more post about over the weekend. Have a happy Friday guys 🙂