I love breakfast


My favorite breakfast/brunch/lunch spot of all time! I love breakfast, to me it’s the best meal I could eat it all day. Here you can have breakfast for lunch, how good? We’ve even seen dolphins playing outside of the patio! Only thing I don’t like about it, is that it took me so long to find!


In florida we live about an hour north of Miami, but that’s a drive I’m happy to make considering there is some reeeeally good restaurants down there. The other day I was driving down anyways to finally leave my wedding dress for cleaning and preserving(wedding, dress, shoes, the big day and our parents meeting for the first time, is for another post), so after that i met up with my girlfriend, who showed me this place, for lunch at the Standard.

Heaven on a plate!

As good as always! Had the spirulina bowl which is kind of like an acai bowl but still not. Feels like vacation sitting here, it always takes us about two hours to eat here because there’s just no reason to leave. Its warm, unbearably warm right now, but it’s worth it!

Love Ems

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