Weekend getaway booked!



Our beach club have the best breakfast buffet every day!


Woke up with such a good feeling today and just excited! Last night we decided to book a weekend in the Bahamas in the beginning of August and I can’t wait. White sand beaches and blue water, mmm happy place! Having something to look forward to is the best, it helps me endure my workouts haha, knowing bikini time is coming up! It’s kind of always bikini time in florida but when you live here it’s different. It’s home and I don’t really spend as much time on the beach as I would like to. I get lazy when it’s always here, bad I know. Probably horrible for some people to read who’s in the freezing cold all the time. Well winter is coming for me too so I better get my ass out of the apartment more. The pics above are from our beach club, which is no more the 5 minutes away on the bike!

Now when I know we are moving away I feel like okay, we are so close why not go when we have the chance and time? For us now, the flight is an hour, thats nothing! From Buffalo I’m sure its more like 4 hours. My hubby only has scheduled workouts and training during the weekdays in the summer time so weekends we can train on our own and be anywhere, why not on an island in the Caribbean?

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