Dinner and drinks!

First, I’m sorry for such a bad picture quality, I really need to get a good camera. Does anyone have a suggestion, any camera you use or that you know is good? Thank you 🙂


Ceviche, lobester and crab meat.


The Hugo, take it!
We are going to a friends wedding in August and I finally found the perfect dress, without even trying. Love when you just stumble uppon the goodies!

The weather has been so so all day, raining, thunder and lightning, typical summer weather for florida. During the day iI didn’t really do much, even though I said it was so good with early workouts because I had the rest of the day to do whatever. Yeah, so that whatever was just being lazy at home ha!

Got our butts out for dinner in the small downtown area close to us. The food is good, but the drinks! Specially the one in the photos, I always take it. Its prosecco with elder flower, mint and lime. Then we shared this massive seafood platter(its two levels?!) and lobster salad, the only salad my husband, Dmitry(Dima) likes haha!

For the rest of the night we are probably just gonna watch a movie or tv, we are both dead from this weeks workouts. I saw the new quest bar flavor in the store today so I’m gonna try it. Did any of you try it or heard of it? What did you think? The flavor is oatmeal chocolate or something like that. Anyways, hope you’re having a great night 🙂

Love Ems

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