Mrs. Always Right


Grapefruit obsession!
This view never gets old

Good morning, nice coffee cup huh? Haha I wish it was true but honestly, I’m never right!

Just got home from my workout a little while ago and now just having breakfast on our balcony. Love this view!  When I make breakfast at home this is my go to. If my husband have a day off we either go out or i make us a big brunch here or something, but on just a normal morning this is what I usually make. So simple but I love it, even craving it sometime! Just oatmeal with egg whites, pumpkin spice, topped with chopped walnuts and a side of grapefruit chunks and of course coffee.

My workouts are usually later, way later. But my trainer is also my husbands trainer and the trainer for a camp going on right now, so I get to go either really early or really late. If I wait till the afternoon I’ll never get it done, so early it is! But that’s nice too cus i have all day to do someting else 🙂

Manny(the tranier) have probably forgotten I’m not part of the professional athlete guys he’s working out for the rest of the day. I’ve been sore for a week haha! He’s kicked it up for sure, but i guess that’s good. Yay for super early workouts and for them being extra hard… Awesome!

Happy Friday!


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