The perfect poser, always smiling!
The only socks I have that he doesn’t like.
Play with me!

Meet Shelby(he’s a boy with a girl’s name I guess, we named him after a car), 5 years old and the cutest dog you’ll ever see! I honestly look at him everyday and think how is he so cute? He’s like a soft toy that came to life. Like Ted, but not as nasty as Ted haha! He smiles all the time, love socks, hates other dogs kinda and loves all people. It’s impossible to not wake up with a smile when this guy is in your face ready to go.

I went for a run this morning, got ready, had coffee and just playing with Shelby while  waiting for Dima. I wanted to post this before we left for breakfast but they got done with their workout faster than I thought so this is up a little late. Enjoy your Saturday 🙂

Love Ems and Shelby

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