Mmm Monday..

Sambalatte in Vegas!

Anyone having Monday blues? I don’t haha πŸ™‚ I’ve already worked out, had my breakfast and now I’m just having my second cup of coffee, love coffee! It really doesn’t do that much for me, like everyone says they can’t survive without coffee or they can’t wake up. I just really like how it taste, don’t feel like it gives me energy or wakes me up. The benefit of that though is that I can stick with decaf = less caffeine = better for you πŸ˜‰

How about these lattes though?! From Vegas of course, where else would you find rainbow lattes haha. Maybe Disney world? That would make sense actually πŸ™‚ (i’ll make a post about our Vegas weekend soon!)

Yesterday after our amazing brunch(breakfast addict) we went to the mall. We’ve gone so many times after we found out we are moving to the cold. I’m trying to look for winter stuff but my mind is just not there, AT ALL. Its 90 degrees out so no, all IΒ  want is summer stuff haha. Helped my hubby with some jeans and then we left, it was a shit show in there because the weather was on and off with rain and thunder. Anyways, this post turned out to be about everything but bottom line, go to Setai in Miami for brunch. The best buffet with mix of lunch food AND breakfast foods!

IMG_3013 2IMG_3011IMG_3017

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