Morning walk

All i need in this world is right! Nah my boys of course!
On a mission!
I’m the worst at deciding



This guy, makes me laugh every time he uses his little paw to try to grab what I have!

Happy Wednesday! Wednesdays are good, i like ’em! Right now they’re especially good because we both get to sleep in a little and have time to actually wake up before its time to go to the gym. Today we walked across the street to Raw Juce, which is almost the only food place/restaurant we are allowed to bring Shelby in. They have the best juices, smoothies and acai bowls!

And how cute is Shelby?! Haha just look at his tongue! He steals the show wherever we go, its like people have never seen a dog before. The other day in the mall kids were shouting across the store “ITS A POMERANIAN, ITS JIFF THE POMERANIAN!”. They went nuts. You know that cute little dog Jiff that can walk on his hands? I didn’t say anything, I let them believe 😉

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