Fast is fun

The doors won me over on this one!


Kale salad with chicken 
This man ❤


Hey guys, I’m sitting here having my shake and am very soon off to the gym, just wanted to post this before 🙂 I go to the gym about 4 times a week and workout with my trainer, he is honestly the best. And when I’m there, we work! That’s why there’s probably not gonna be a lot of pics from the gym haha.

We went to a farm to table restaurant for dinner last night, it used to be my favorite place but yesterday it was just a disappointment unfortunately. Didn’t taste like it used to. I wore a pretty casual outfit with my new sneakers, i’ll post the full look later. Now I better get going, in fact I’m a bit late sooo I might take the McLaren to make sure I get there on time 😉 Fast cars is too much fun for my own good!

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