First wedding anniversary

To growing old together!
The Miami Beach Edition


My beautiful gift, a bow from Tiffany, because we tied the knot a year ago 😉


Juvia rooftop restaurant in South Beach.
His smile cracks me up haha!
Gorgeous views from the room!



A few weeks ago we had our first wedding anniversary, can’t believe its been a year already! Time flies when you have fun right?  We drove to Miami to stay at a hotel to do spa, dinner and just celebrate and enjoy ourselves. Dmitry is not a big fan of Miami so I’m really happy he wanted to go, because I love it(parts of it) and don’t think we go often enough haha!

We stayed at the Miami Beach Edition and it was awesome! Good views, close enough but far enough away from all the craziness that is Miami. We had the best time. I just love spending time with my hubby, can’t get enough. I think that’s a good thing because  we’re in it for life and I couldn’t be happier 🙂

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