Breakfast heaven

Its brunch time!


Chia pudding with banana/raspberry nice cream and cashew cream. Also made some egg muffins.


Mmmm mimosas
Put lime zest on your fruit salad, it changes the game completely!

So this happened this morning. I think theres no question about it, breakfast is life! Apparently though, I went a little overboard with fruits, with most of it haha, so if anyone is still hungry our kitchen is the place to be 🙂

Besides making a mess in the kitchen I’ve been so lazy today. We, or mostly my man, wanted to go play golf but I fell a sleep a little(already hungover from 2 mimosas) and woke up to thunder and lightening an hour later. So that was a no go. I think we might go see a movie instead, its that kinda day 🙂

If anyone wants recipes feel free to ask and I’ll post it. Nothing of what I made is complicated, but taste so good and is good for you. And the lime thing, try it. It really taste so good!

7 thoughts on “Breakfast heaven

    1. I just make it with 2,5 tbsp chia seeds and 2/3 cups almond milk and a few vanilla drops. In this one its also some strawberries around the edges and topped with raspberries and banana blended together with a little bit of water, it becomes kinda like a sorbet 🙂


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