Hot and lazy days






Good morning sunday funday brucnhday 🙂 Ah so excited its a day off and sleep in haha! Today we are just gonna relax, I’m hoping for some paddle boarding on the beach later but it all depends on how windy it is. Before sleepy head wakes up I’m gonna go meet a friend for a juice, thinking a super green one, and when I come back cook up a killer brunch for us!

I wore this yesterday when we were just out and about trying to escape the heat. It is so hot outside this time of the year, would really prefer to just wear a bikini by the pool or stay inside with the AC all day! As you know I like pink, all shades of it. Lately though I’ve looked in my closet thinking that I have nothing pink to wear(just accessories)! But then I look at the outfits I’ve posted so far, and they all have pink in them. So i guess i was wrong haha. I’ll try to mix it up. Hope you guys are having a wonderful Sunday 🙂


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