Pink pastry



Happy weekend guys 🙂 A long overdue post about this dress. I truly did feel like a cupcake or some kinda pastry haha. Fluffy and pink and paired with white bags+shoes, it felt like the perfect look for a summer wedding. And how good did my hubby look? That jacket, it was a success with everyone 🙂

PS. I just realized some of you asked about the brand of the dress but I totally forgot to check, and I left it in Florida. Sorry ❤

The first of many




Now he’s tired! After a whole night of not much sleep for either one of us(a lot of new and strange noices to get used to), this one passes out on the couch 🙂

Good morning Buffalo 🙂 We got here yesterday afternoon, everything went great and Shelby was such a good boy! On shorter flights like this he usually is. It’s the long flights to Europe that gets him and it’s heartbreaking.

But it went fine and everything looked like we left it in the apartment. We went for a walk right away and it’s so nice out!! It’s warm but not humid, it was the same this morning. It’s like a crisp air but still warm 🙂 For now at least, don’t think that’s gonna last very long haha.

Also went a quckie to the grocery store last night so I would have some breakfast, it is after all the best and most important meal of the day. It’s so hard to find the way around in new grocery stores at first. It took me so much longer then I wanted to because I couldn’t find what I was looking for. I didn’t wanna leave Shelby alone for longer then necessary in a new place, so I’ll have to go back today and add some things 🙂 But first on the list of things to do today is to get the tv and Internet set up. Well I’m not doing that, I’m waiting for the guy to come right now. He’s suppose to be here in between 9-10am, he’s got 14 minutes..

Hidden gems


Crossed one more off the list yesterday! This lunch spot was in one of the most shady little places I’ve ever been. Such an odd spot to put a good cafe like this haha. Anyways my friend and I have wanted to go for a while due to Instagram pictures and I’m glad we did. Good salads, good atmosphere and the avocado toast did look amazing, i just couldn’t justify getting two in one week. That bread..

This morning I went to breakfast with the girl who designed our wedding rings(a lot of eating i know but i don’t wanna cook at home and get the place dirty before i go). She lives down here and during the process we became good friends. I’ll miss her, I’ll miss everything about florida and everyone. Mona, that went to lunch with me yesterday, is flying up to Buffalo on Sunday so her I’ll see her soon again 🙂

The packing madness is not going anywhere and definitely not when I’m sitting her being lazy so, see you in Buffalo tomorrow!


Shoe love!



My new “winter” shoes I got last week. Fell involve right there on the spot and the deal was just amazing, 75% off!! I know I know, not winter shoes but at least winter colors and some sparkle and stuff. Perfect for fall/winter dinners and maybe even new years 😉 Definitely taking them to Buffalo with me.

Speaking of, I haven’t packed the last stuff at all and I’m starting to have a little pack panic. I do not know how everything is gonna fit in one little suitcase. So much stuff i now realized i should have put on the truck, well too late. Just gives me a reason to come home while hubby is on road trips!

After last night and all the thunder keeping me awake it’ll be an early night, movies in bed and some honey water for the throat. The other night I watched Frozen, it’s so cozy, best movie Disney has made lately. Love love love classic Disney movies 🙂



Breakfast for one


Good morning 🙂 How glamorous does this look haha? I was out doing some errands this morning and then stop for breakfast at this place. It might not look much but I love oatmeal! They have a lot of other good options too, I just like it simple and their juices are so good. Mine just has a mud like color because it’s both greens and carrots in it. Makes a good but ugly juice!

Another reason why I went here today is that I got a little sad walking around our neighborhood yesterday. I was thinking; but there’s so many places we haven’t been to yet and so many of my favs I wanna go to again. So breakfast for one it is.

One thing I won’t miss about it here though is all the thunderstorms we have all the time. I woke up in the middle of the night from really loud and long BANGS and lightening that was out of this world. When it struck, it was like daylight outside! I guess that might change to snowstorm where we are headed but you know, change is good haha 🙂

Love is in the air





How beautiful was this wedding? Everything was perfect down to all the little details they had made, and they looked so happy and in love 🙂 So happy we got to be a part of their day!   Now they’re off to Maldives and I’m so jealous haha. They are going to one of the hotels we have been to, and I know they’re gonna have an amazing time.

I only had my phone to take pictures with that’s why the quality isn’t the best. Still not used to brining the camera everywhere and I get a little shy when there is so many people around. I took a few of my dress with the phone too so ill make another outfit post just about the dress later:)


A New York minute

Just a quick drive by for this time.

Hello there 🙂 So I’m finally home after that horrible night at the airport. When we finally took off, the flight wasn’t much better. I got the seat in the back, where you can’t recline the seat AT ALL?! I usually can’t sit in the seat for more then take off and then i immediately recline, and now i was stuck sitting like i had a stick up my butt the whole time. But i got home and the bag was there and everything was good. Just dead tired so needed yesterday to regroup and sleep. Also trying to get over this cold that just won’t let go, I’ve had it for weeks now..

On our way back from the wedding we drove through Manhattan to show Dimas mom, who’s never been, and to stop for lunch. I wish we would’ve had more time, I could always do New York but we were literally there for just 40 min(as we all know now, I could’ve stayed a few hours) and then off to the airport. I was so happy haha, lunch at one of my favorite places there and the best avocado toast you can get. Mmmm!

Pictures from the wedding are coming up later tonight 🙂