My little shadow

Tuss. Tusse. Shelbs. Lille van. Gosse. The list goes on, he have so many nicknames!
Banana ❤

This little pup, is he even real?! I took these yesterday when we were sitting outside sipping mimosas and realize he really does follow us around everywhere. Not super close by and he’s not much for cuddling or sitting in my lap, but he always wants to be where we are. Like this right here, he would never ever go outside if both of us weren’t out there. If one is inside, he’ll stay in the middle to keep control of the situation haha!

I do wish he was more for sitting in my lap and stuff, if I wanna have him with me I have to lure him in with candy haha. Reasonable, I’ll sit next to you for candy too. He’s so soft and cute and have the best personality, I just wanna squeeze him. But, he only comes and stays cozy on his own terms, if I put him next to me he leaves the first chance he gets. Then come back if he feels like it. But then he usually just go and find a sock instead..

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