New lunch spot


I love places where I can make my own salad!
Locally sourced fruits and veggies.
Stole my hubbys sunglases
This place was so cute inside.
Love this set, really comfy yet stylish 😉

Today we spent part of the day in Delray Beach, a little bit north of where we live. We were headed for the acupuncture place up there so went for lunch and walk around a little. I like Delray, it’s a nice little town with a lot of bars and restaurants. This place we went to I’ve been wanting to go to for a while, but kinda forgot about it haha. It’s like a mix of a deli and store, it was good! All locally sourced and healthy food, just how I like it 🙂

It started pouring on our way home and when we got here we saw some devastating news. My watermelon is gone! Haha it must have been so windy and rainy that it blew off the balcony. I had to call downstairs telling them that, if there were any complaints from someones unit about a big watermelon, we lost one so.. oops!

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