Colosseum dress


Good morning 🙂 This dress right here is one of my favorites. It’s not that practical at all though because as soon as I move the whole fit gets messed up haha. That little black string/belt doesn’t stay in place and unfortunately that is what’s keeping the shape good on this dress. But i still love it, its comfy, and wore it last summer on our vacation in Rome, on our tour in Colosseum and the roman forum, so it reminds me of that. I wanted to go there for so long, everything ancient Rome is so interesting to me and it was a dream come true to be there. So this dress just gives me those happy feelings 🙂

I’m so excited to go to the Bahamas this weekend, I can’t wait. Weekend trips are the best, specially when they’re so close. I’ll show you our latest weekend trip in the next post, Vegas baby!

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