New workout clothes

LuluLemon is almost the only workout clothes i wear. Super comfy and great quality.
Haha Shelbys posing is amazing! Love the back of these pants.
The pants!


When motivation is non existing, shop for some new workout gear! I did that yesterday and it feels way more fun already haha. This brand is almost the only one I use. It looks and fit so good, but the quality is what makes it so amazing. I have pieces I have had for 4-5 years that I still use. It is a bit pricy but its worth it all the way!

We were busy all day so this is up little late, and now we just got home from dinner and getting ready to sleeeeeeep. We went to a place we haven’t been to for dinner before, only breakfast, and it was so good! I’m so full right now I’m about to explode. Sleep it off right haha! Have a good night and weekend, tomorrow(after our workouts) we’re off to the Bahamas 🙂

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