Island life, Bahamas

My jaw dropped to the ground when we arrived. It is so beautiful here!
Our little house.


Natures pool, the water is so clear and blue!
Happy girl in fav bikini!

We have arrived and oh my I already love it so much! I told my husband my body and mind is just happy all the way through. My favorite vacation spot we have been to so far is Maldives and i always say that’s my happy place, but this is comparable to that. With a lot shorter flight, it might even win, share first place at least haha.

Everything since we got here have been amazing. The place, the people, the weather, just everything. I had totally forgot they drive on the left side of the road though, those cab rides are always scary! As soon as we got our room we changed and went to the beach, and stayed out by the pool and beach till sunset. Now, time for sleep. So excited to wake up and spend the day here, and of course, for breakfast!

PS. I don’t know what’s happening, my photos are clear and focused but after editing they’re blurry? Anyone know of a good editing app that doesn’t do this to the pics? I appriciate any help 🙂

One thought on “Island life, Bahamas

  1. Det beror nog inte på dina foton utan på hur din webbplats är uppbygd. Det verkar som att din webbplats skalar ned bilderna till att bli 1404px på bredden vilket gör att de kan se suddiga ut. Om du tar denna bilden tex: så ser du att “?w=1404” läggs på i slutet av adressen, tar du bort “?w=1404” så får du adressen till originalbilden, dvs den icke-suddiga. Det kan även ha att göra med hur du sparar ned bilderna från ditt redigeringsprogram. 🙂


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