Breakfast views

Breakfast with a view is always a good idea.



I could live off of this right here! But then with tons of breakouts from the yogurt haha! 


Good morning 🙂 Waking up here again and it feels so good and so sad, I don’t want to leave today! We’ve had the best couple of days. Just got back from breakfast now and gonna go enjoy our last few hours here on the island before we fly home. How good is this breakfast set up? For someone like me, who loves breakfast, this is as good as the water is perfect!

I’m so happy we found this place and that we went. It’s so close to home but just as good as flying half way around the world. Now I’m definitely ready(I think) to take on all the moving stuff when we come home! But I’m also the expert of pushing everything till the last minute. So we’ll see by the end of the week, when its time to go, if i was ready or not haha.

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