Conch salad

The big pretty sea shell you always wanted as a kid, is actually delicious!
Bar of the year award goes to this one, no doubt.
Chef is happy, we’re all happy about this scene right here. Fresh conch salad in the making.
Right off the boat, straight to our bellies!
The finish product. It did not last long. 


How gorgeous is this island?!


Heeey, finally got some technology to work and I’m so happy about that! Leaving my computer tomorrow to the Apple Store and hoping for the best.

The pictures are from one of our nights in the Bahamas. We were sitting by the hotels sunset bar, and they start brining out all this ingredients and start making conch salad. I love it! It reminds me of my first time in the Bahamas with my au pair family. We went around the islands on their boat and got conch salad on the docks in every harbor. Sweet little memories! If you think it’s not for you cus it just looks a little.. weird, just try it anyways. When it’s all chopped up with lime juice and, in this case, fruits it’s so good. The texture is a bit chewy, but not at all like calamari or octopus. It doesn’t hurt either if you sit at a bar like this, how nice is that?! If you love ceviche you’ll love this. Same concept 🙂

Now it’s time for some tv, or maybe a movie. Tomorrow morning I’m headed down to Miami for a breakfast date with my girl! (We have a long list to cross off before I move haha)  Good night guys 🙂

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