Getting settled in Buffalo

Bright and early at the airport and then straight to work.
A lot of work..
Best humus in that little pot that I’ve ever had! Spot coffee, I’ll be back.
Love these industrial doors.
The almost finish look.
We decided to go with an Nespresso machine.


Heeeey! Finally I have some time to get this up. So here’s a bunch photos from our weekend in our new home. So far I’m happy with how it have turned out! The furniture that we rented are only okay, for the bedrooms its okay and we’re keeping whats there. But this coffee table and maybe the dining table we’re replacing with something else. The dining table and chairs is just not our style at all. Same with the coffee table actually.

Other than that we got a lot done! Just need to get the tv’s up on the walls and get all that installed, and need some other cozy stuff in their to make it homey. I wonder how our little dog is gonna like it when he doesn’t have a massive rug to run around on. He’ll be sliding all over haha. And wondering even more about how he’s gonna like the snow?!

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