One last round..





Ah I’m really starting to feel it, now that we are moving. We have less and less days together here at home and so much to do. Tomorrow we are going to Pensylvania for a wedding and my hubby leaves straight from there to russia. So yesterday we went to our beach club for one last breakfast together before we freeze our account. Obviously I stuffed my face with all the fruits and rolled our of there haha. They have the best fruit and the mango is always soon good!

After saying goodbye to the beach club, we went to Sawgrass mall. We always end up going when we have family in town because they always like to go shopping in the outlets. It’s not my favorite thing to do, it’s far away and always a hit or miss. Sometimes good, most times horrible. But yesterday it was a hit ! I was just tagging along, but was the one going home with the most bags. Most happy about my “winter” shoes haha. We’re going out tonight so I can wear them, so not quit winter shoes since i can wear them here, but the deal was too good to resist!

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