Pink skies!


Good morning guys 🙂 How gorgeous is this sky from our last night in Buffalo? This view is from our balcony, and I’m telling you if the sky is like this every night(or at least often), Buffalo and I are gonna get along just fine!

Speaking of pink, I finally got my little computer back! I’m so happy because it ended up NOT being liquid, like the guy in the store thought and I told him its impossible. So it didn’t cost a thing to replace the screen with a new one, thank you warranty!

Today I’m getting myself ready for the wedding this weekend. Got a mani pedi planned and getting my eyebrows done as well. It’s bitter-sweet. I always go to the same girls for this and today is probably the last time in a long time. What am I gonna do without them?! Haha, but they have become good friends too so its a little sad.

We only have one car here right now so I was up earlier the usual today to drive my hubby to his workout, so I can have the car for the rest of the morning. A little story about our cars that we shipped are coming up later today, that was our little hiccup over the weekend. Oops!

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