Cars need keys..


Good morning guys! Bright and early again and at the airport again. Off to our friends wedding in Lancaster, so excited! God so much traveling lately, looking forward to not have to travel anymore soon haha. I wanted to put this up last night but we were too busy with date night so time just flew by:)

So this is not outside our apartment in Buffalo, not quite that industrial where we live. Sunday morning when the truck came with all our stuff, my husband looks at me and says he’s freaking out a little bit, my first though? Oh crap something happened to the cars or our stuff. No, not really. We had forgotten the keys to both cars at home, in Florida. 3 hours by plane away and on a Sunday with no overnight shipping . Fortunately, we have an amazing guy for exactly when stuff like this happens, Oscar aka 1on1concierge! Honestly, I don’t think there’s anything he couldn’t fix. We weighed our options, have the keys shipped and get there Tuesday, fly 1on1concierge out to us, or if there was anything else we could do. He found out he could ship our keys as cargo on a regular flight going to Buffalo that same day and so he did. Drove home to our apartment, got shit scared my mom in law was there(a little detail my hubby forgot to tell him haha) and off to the airport to put our keys on the flight and we picked them up at 11pm that same night. So this was the view Monday morning when we took a cab to the sipping companies location to get our cars out of their truck. We were lucky they were able to keep them there, and most of all that they didn’t have another job the next day. I would’ve felt even more bad about this whole thing if we were holding them up.

Funny thing is, we were thinking to leave the car keys with them but then decided we would take them both with us. Cus we had so much stuff in the cars as well. Bad decision. If you ship your cars, ship your keys!


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