Delayed flight..


My husband, my best friend, my everything. I already miss you.

Is there anything worse? Specially when you just wanna get home. I’m at JFK now, my flight back to Florida is delayed 4 hours and 15 minutes. Yes those 15 minutes are very important because right now it feels like a life time of waiting. My husband and his mom left just now for Moscow from another terminal, they got lucky and only got out about 30 minutes late. So I’m here, alone, with waterfalls as eyes and cold as can be. Even though I’m used to being away from hubby, I still never get used to goodbyes and going different directions. I hate it. I already miss him so much and know it’s gonna be like that till he comes home.

We had a great weekend though, so much love and happiness all around!  Just a shame it had to end in delayed flights and tears(the tears we knew about, it always happens). I’ll write another post about just the wedding soon 🙂

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