A New York minute

Just a quick drive by for this time.

Hello there 🙂 So I’m finally home after that horrible night at the airport. When we finally took off, the flight wasn’t much better. I got the seat in the back, where you can’t recline the seat AT ALL?! I usually can’t sit in the seat for more then take off and then i immediately recline, and now i was stuck sitting like i had a stick up my butt the whole time. But i got home and the bag was there and everything was good. Just dead tired so needed yesterday to regroup and sleep. Also trying to get over this cold that just won’t let go, I’ve had it for weeks now..

On our way back from the wedding we drove through Manhattan to show Dimas mom, who’s never been, and to stop for lunch. I wish we would’ve had more time, I could always do New York but we were literally there for just 40 min(as we all know now, I could’ve stayed a few hours) and then off to the airport. I was so happy haha, lunch at one of my favorite places there and the best avocado toast you can get. Mmmm!

Pictures from the wedding are coming up later tonight 🙂

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