Hidden gems


Crossed one more off the list yesterday! This lunch spot was in one of the most shady little places I’ve ever been. Such an odd spot to put a good cafe like this haha. Anyways my friend and I have wanted to go for a while due to Instagram pictures and I’m glad we did. Good salads, good atmosphere and the avocado toast did look amazing, i just couldn’t justify getting two in one week. That bread..

This morning I went to breakfast with the girl who designed our wedding rings(a lot of eating i know but i don’t wanna cook at home and get the place dirty before i go). She lives down here and during the process we became good friends. I’ll miss her, I’ll miss everything about florida and everyone. Mona, that went to lunch with me yesterday, is flying up to Buffalo on Sunday so her I’ll see her soon again 🙂

The packing madness is not going anywhere and definitely not when I’m sitting her being lazy so, see you in Buffalo tomorrow!


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