Avocado toasting


Cheers(and toast ;)) to the weekend!

Sorry for a really silent week here on the blog, I’ve had my first visitor! Mona came up to visit me from Miami, we thought it’s better now when it’s still warm and nice here too. So naturally I wanted to spend as much as possible the four days she was here because now, we do t know when we’ll see each other again..:(

We explored my area here a bit and found this amazing cafe with healthy, organic foods. Loved it, I’ll be going there a lot because as you can see, avocado toast! There’s also a chocolate store right next to it so you know, while I’m there I might as well..:) We went on some longer adventures too, all the way to Canada?! Haha it’s just like 30 minutes away. I’ll make some more post about over the weekend. Have a happy Friday guys 🙂

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