Delaware Park


The classic haha

Haha aaaah this guy! He totally completely refused to walk in the park today. We’ve been there before but today he just didn’t feel it I guess. After a while though I could put him down and he was fine. Funny guy. This park is so big and nice, just a 10 minute drive away, love it 🙂

That’s pretty much the only thing I’ve done today, went to the park and then just been home. Gave Shelby a bath which he hates but he’s so itchy and no one can figure out why, I feel so bad for him 😦 In other words we’ve had a lazy Sunday. Unpacked one more box, it’s going slowly but surely haha, but it’s no fun cus the closets here are out of this world horrible. Not thought threw at all so I’m waiting for the closet company to call me back. Need to put some more shelves up for shoes and bags and more spaces to hang clothes on. Also need to go buy more hangers(but that’s easy) and then we’ll be golden 🙂

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