Labor Day and scones!


Healthy scones πŸ™‚

Good morning guys πŸ™‚ Yesterday there was a holiday here in the states (not that it really affects me because I’m always off but anyhow..) so I decided I’d bake scones for breakfast, light some candles and just stay cozy. But as you can see, no candles. It was the first time i was gonna use the oven since I’ve been here, and it started to smell gas. The stove is gas and I’ve used it and its fine. I have no idea if the oven is gas too but it must be. The longer it was on the more it smelled, in the whole apartment! I had to open all the windows and then call downstairs to see if this was normal or if anyone could come up. I got so scared it was a gas leak or something was seriously wrong. Scones are pretty quick thankfully so they got done and then i just turned it off. The smell went away eventually, but i was too scared to light any kind of candles. Must have seen too many movies or tv shows with gas and BOOM!! haha.

A guy is coming today to take a look at it and hopefully fix it. I love scones, and baking in general, so I don’t think i could do without an oven. Other plans for today then? Nothing major. I have to call or take little Shelby to the vet again for his itching and then run some errands. Later today a post about our trip to Toronto is coming up on here, don’t miss it πŸ™‚

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