Yorkville, Toronto

Started the day with breakfast at Nespresso Cafe. This was the first Nespresso Cafe I ever went to and I loved it so much. I was giddy all day and so happy to be back in Toronto!


Yorkville is kind of behind the best main shopping street(it is for me at least) Bloor, and its such a cute little area!
Fika break! (it’s a swedish thing/word, but we all do it. You guys just don’t know the proper word 🙂 )


Whaaat?! That drink was so good btw, almost as good as what’s in the bag 😉


If this is not the most picturesque CL store you’ve ever seen, I need to go wherever you have been.
Happy girl! Can’t wait to go back to see my man play the World Cup and show my parents around. The building here is actually the place where we lived while we were in Toronto 🙂

Oh Toronto how I’ve missed you! It was so fun to be back and see everything again and walk around where we used to live. For you who don’t know and have no idea what I’m talking about, we were living in Toronto for a few months one summer while my hubby was training up there. We both liked it a lot, and me especially since I’ve never lived in a big city before, and here i had the dream location. All the best shops and restaurants right outside our door. Needless to say, i was not bored and alone that summer. I was shopping and alone haha. Till my hubby came back from practice and we went exploring together 🙂

The drive from Buffalo wasn’t bad at all, took us 2 hours I think. We started the day at my beloved Nespresso Cafe and then went out to Bloor street for some shopping and looking around. I found some goodies, I’ll show you guys in another post! When we needed a break we went back to Yorkville for drinks and coffee before we headed home. And oh let me tell you, the drive home was not 2 hours.. We stood still for like and hour and a half! It was crazy, but in the end all worth it and i think my friend liked Toronto too 🙂

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