At the Race Track


Before we left Florida we were invited to the race track to go drive BMW cars. Naturally we both jumped at the opportunity since cars is cars, and we really love cars! I ended up not driving though. Maybe I would have had if it was only me and my man, but a few other guys were there for this event plus other privet cars and drivers that were member of the club. I love driving and driving fast, but I didn’t wanna embarrass myself or slow the guys down so I let them have their fun 🙂

From what I could tell, they loved it! They started with the slower models and moved toward the M models. Saved the best for last haha. The two cars on the last picture were their favorites, both 6 series, one is an M6 and the other on was a 650 i think. Haha it was so funny how they were talking about how fast they were going and how fun it was, and i was watching from the sideline thinking; it doesn’t look like they’re going fast at all! But its like that with everything, feels faster than it is and looks. Except for waiting, waiting feels long and it is always long and slow and boooooring. I want my hubby to come home, can you tell haha?!

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