I’m Emelie, a Swede living in the US together with my husband and our Pomeranian, which is the cutest dog I’ve ever seen(my husband is not bad looking either)! We’ve been back and forth between south florida and Europe for the last 7 years and I have absolutely loved it! Obviously right, it’s Florida who wouldn’t?

I’ll try to tell you a little bit about me, what you will find on my blog. There’s not a specific niche here, I’ll write a little bit about everything, a lifestyle blog about the things I enjoy. I love clothes and fashion(shoes and bag are a danger zone), cooking and baking healthy and working out, living a pretty healthy life but of course with the occasional treats. I have a BIG sweet tooth and if you grew up in Sweden, you know what I’m talking about!

I don’t work. So lucky you might think, and yes I’m very fortunate that I don’t have to, but sometimes it gets old to do nothing and not being needed. For a long time I wasn’t allowed to do anything, and now when I can do whatever I want, I have no clue what to do. Always thought about having a blog so I started one, and hoping people will find my life somewhat interesting that they will stick with me through this. Soo00, what then?  I shop, probably too much from time to time but you know, there’s always something out there you just have to have. I workout, i love it and i hate it, and have no reason not to when i have all the time in the world. We travel together. I drag him along to try new restaurants, juice bars, coffee shops, little weekend getaways, yeah you name it! I go to his work to watch him(not as creepy as it sounds, keep reading and you’ll get it) and just live a pretty good life.

My hubby is Russian and plays hockey in the NHL so I’m a hockey wife! We met here in the states, I came to Florida as an au pair and met the love of my life which made me move across the ocean. Being from Sweden, falling in love with a Russian, who works in the states wasn’t always so easy but we made it work. All the things we’ve gone through with visas, culture crashed and language barriers just made us better and stronger. Sounds like such a cliche I know, but for real, true story!

Florida will always be our home, where we met and just a place I really love, but now we are off to somewhere new, and cold. Being a hockey player is probably awesome and what a lot of people dream about, but it also comes with some uncertainty. One day you can get that phone call that you’ve been traded to another team and then that is where you have to go. That happened to us for the first time this summer, 2016. We(or my husband more correctly and i just kind of tag along) have been traded to Buffalo, NY, so that’s where our moving truck will go this summer and then who knows what will come next.

If theres anything else, please just ask. I will try to update this to a more overall info later on, not just about right now. But for real, try to write about yourself and you’ll see, it’s hard haha!

Love, Em’s