New in: Chanel


Hey guys, i hope your Friday is more eventful than mine haha! Not much going on here. I had the cleaning lady here for the first time today and then took care of some must do things. Finding your little fur ball a doggie day care is some serious stuff, and looking at yelp reviews is scary. Some people and dogs have had some horrible experiences! But i think i found a good one and set him up for that. He can’t come with us next time we go to Toronto since we’re gonna go to the hockey games and be out all day. He will(hopefully) have a better time at day care πŸ™‚

Speaking of Toronto! These are the goodies I got last time i was there. I’ve been looking around a while for a good pair and I had ones that i looooved but they kept breaking and i got tired of repairing them so i was really happy to find these πŸ™‚ The classic CC with stones in shades of black and grey, perfect!

Shoe love!



My new “winter” shoes I got last week. Fell involve right there on the spot and the deal was just amazing, 75% off!! I know I know, not winter shoes but at least winter colors and some sparkle and stuff. Perfect for fall/winter dinners and maybe even new years πŸ˜‰ Definitely taking them to Buffalo with me.

Speaking of, I haven’t packed the last stuff at all and I’m starting to have a little pack panic. I do not know how everything is gonna fit in one little suitcase. So much stuff i now realized i should have put on the truck, well too late. Just gives me a reason to come home while hubby is on road trips!

After last night and all the thunder keeping me awake it’ll be an early night, movies in bed and some honey water for the throat. The other night I watched Frozen, it’s so cozy, best movie Disney has made lately. Love love love classic Disney movies πŸ™‚



One last round..





Ah I’m really starting to feel it, now that we are moving. We have less and less days together here at home and so much to do. Tomorrow we are going to Pensylvania for a wedding and my hubby leaves straight from there to russia. So yesterday we went to our beach club for one last breakfast together before we freeze our account. Obviously I stuffed my face with all the fruits and rolled our of there haha. They have the best fruit and the mango is always soon good!

After saying goodbye to the beach club, we went to Sawgrass mall. We always end up going when we have family in town because they always like to go shopping in the outlets. It’s not my favorite thing to do, it’s far away and always a hit or miss. Sometimes good, most times horrible. But yesterday it was a hit ! I was just tagging along, but was the one going home with the most bags. Most happy about my “winter” shoes haha. We’re going out tonight so I can wear them, so not quit winter shoes since i can wear them here, but the deal was too good to resist!

The perfect white tee




Rise and shine! We’re on our way to the airport right now. Super early and I can barely keep my eyes open, but I’m so excited!

I wanted to show you this tee that I wore the other day in Miami. It’s so simple, fits really well and I feel like I could dress it up and wear it out for dinner. And the material is heaven! It’s the perfect white tee with a twist πŸ™‚ Let me know if you want the details!

Some more Bahamas pics are coming up later today with the bluest ocean ever, so stay tuned πŸ™‚

Technical support please

My computer took a little longer vacation then I did..

Aah when technology doesn’t work how it’s suppose to it drives me nuts! And it doesn’t help that I panic right away and think my life is over because nothing is working hehe.. My computer does not wanna play with me anymore and I don’t have an appointment till Wednesday afternoon to go see what’s wrong with it. The computer is brand new, this shouldn’t happen! Β It also didn’t work to put all my photos on our iMac so you know, it’s all going well today. Let’s hope at least that works tomorrow so I can show you a Bahamian classic that’s so yummy!

Winter is coming

We’re set for all kinds of weather!

Hey guys! We are home in a rainy Florida and back to getting ready for the move. We got home late last night due to delayed flights and then I have been busy all morning. Got my workout done, some other stuff and then met my friend that’s finally back from her trip to Italy! Took her for the healthy pancakes at our place, best breakfast ever to catch up over.

Now we are gonna go pick up our little furry son from daycare, just after we picked up this beauty above. This have been my dream car for so long! Now I want to move right away, just so I can drive it haha.

I have so many more photos from our trip to the Bahamas and will get some more posts up later today πŸ™‚ Hope you’re a having super day!

New workout clothes

LuluLemon is almost the only workout clothes i wear. Super comfy and great quality.
Haha Shelbys posing is amazing! Love the back of these pants.
The pants!


When motivation is non existing, shop for some new workout gear! I did that yesterday and it feels way more fun already haha. This brand is almost the only one I use. It looks and fit so good, but the quality is what makes it so amazing. I have pieces I have had for 4-5 years that I still use. It is a bit pricy but its worth it all the way!

We were busy all day so this is up little late, and now we just got home from dinner and getting ready to sleeeeeeep. We went to a place we haven’t been to for dinner before, only breakfast, and it was so good! I’m so full right now I’m about to explode. Sleep it off right haha! Have a good night and weekend, tomorrow(after our workouts) we’re off to the Bahamas πŸ™‚