New in: Chanel


Hey guys, i hope your Friday is more eventful than mine haha! Not much going on here. I had the cleaning lady here for the first time today and then took care of some must do things. Finding your little fur ball a doggie day care is some serious stuff, and looking at yelp reviews is scary. Some people and dogs have had some horrible experiences! But i think i found a good one and set him up for that. He can’t come with us next time we go to Toronto since we’re gonna go to the hockey games and be out all day. He will(hopefully) have a better time at day care ๐Ÿ™‚

Speaking of Toronto! These are the goodies I got last time i was there. I’ve been looking around a while for a good pair and I had ones that i looooved but they kept breaking and i got tired of repairing them so i was really happy to find these ๐Ÿ™‚ The classic CC with stones in shades of black and grey, perfect!

At the Race Track


Before we left Florida we were invited to the race track to go drive BMW cars. Naturally we both jumped at the opportunity since cars is cars, and we really love cars! I ended up not driving though. Maybe I would have had if it was only me and my man, but a few other guys were there for this event plus other privet cars and drivers that were member of the club. I love driving and driving fast, but I didn’t wanna embarrass myself or slow the guys down so I let them have their fun ๐Ÿ™‚

From what I could tell, they loved it! They started with the slower models and moved toward the M models. Saved the best for last haha. The two cars on the last picture were their favorites, both 6 series, one is an M6 and the other on was a 650 i think. Haha it was so funny how they were talking about how fast they were going and how fun it was, and i was watching from the sideline thinking; it doesn’t look like they’re going fast at all! But its like that with everything, feels faster than it is and looks. Except for waiting, waiting feels long and it is always long and slow and boooooring. I want my hubby to come home, can you tell haha?!

Niagara Falls!



Good morning ๐Ÿ™‚ Today is a slow one and I love those haha. Just finished breakfast and gonna go to the park soon with Shelby. I’m Starting to find my way around here and I still like it haha. The weather has been great so far so that helps!

How amazing does the falls look?! They are massive and just so majestic. It was really cool and another thing off the bucket list for sure. This one though, I have a feeling I’m gonna be crossing off the list a lot of times haha. Probably everyone that will visit us will wanna go since it’s so close, and I hope I won’t get tired of it ๐Ÿ™‚

We had heard the Canadian side was the best one, so we parked on the US side and walked over to Canada. You can see the falls way better from that side but it’s also more touristy. They’ve build up more shops and activities(do you se the zip line people?!) around the Canadian side, while the US side is more true to nature. The second to last pic is from the spinning restaurant. We walked around for so long trying to find a nice hotel that had a restaurant on the top floor with an amazing view, but unfortunately they were not open for lunch. So we said screw it lets take the tourist one. But the food was surprisingly good and the view, totally amazeballs!!

Avocado toasting


Cheers(and toast ;)) to the weekend!

Sorry for a really silent week here on the blog, I’ve had my first visitor! Mona came up to visit me from Miami, we thought it’s better now when it’s still warm and nice here too. So naturally I wanted to spend as much as possible the four days she was here because now, we do t know when we’ll see each other again..:(

We explored my area here a bit and found this amazing cafe with healthy, organic foods. Loved it, I’ll be going there a lot because as you can see, avocado toast! There’s also a chocolate store right next to it so you know, while I’m there I might as well..:) We went on some longer adventures too, all the way to Canada?! Haha it’s just like 30 minutes away. I’ll make some more post about over the weekend.ย Have a happy Friday guys ๐Ÿ™‚

Love is in the air





How beautiful was this wedding? Everything was perfect down to all the little details they had made, and they looked so happy and in love ๐Ÿ™‚ So happy we got to be a part of their day! ย  Now they’re off to Maldives and I’m so jealous haha. They are going to one of the hotels we have been to, and I know they’re gonna have an amazing time.

I only had my phone to take pictures with that’s why the quality isn’t the best. Still not used to brining the camera everywhere and I get a little shy when there is so many people around. I took a few of my dress with the phone too so ill make another outfit post just about the dress later:)


A New York minute

Just a quick drive by for this time.

Hello there ๐Ÿ™‚ย So I’m finally home after that horrible night at the airport. When we finally took off, the flight wasn’t much better. I got the seat in the back, where you can’t recline the seat AT ALL?! I usually can’t sit in the seat for more then take off and then i immediately recline, and now i was stuck sitting like i had a stick up my butt the whole time. But i got home and the bag was there and everything was good. Just dead tired so needed yesterday to regroup and sleep. Also trying to get over this cold that just won’t let go, I’ve had it for weeks now..

On our way back from the wedding we drove through Manhattan to show Dimas mom, who’s never been, and to stop for lunch. I wish we would’ve had more time, I could always do New York but we were literally there for just 40 min(as we all know now, I could’ve stayed a few hours) and then off to the airport. I was so happy haha, lunch at one of my favorite places there and the best avocado toast you can get. Mmmm!

Pictures from the wedding are coming up later tonight ๐Ÿ™‚

Delayed flight..


My husband, my best friend, my everything. I already miss you.

Is there anything worse? Specially when you just wanna get home. I’m at JFK now, my flight back to Florida is delayed 4 hours and 15 minutes. Yes those 15 minutes are very important becauseย right now it feels like a life time of waiting. My husband and his mom left just now for Moscow from another terminal, they got lucky and only got out about 30 minutes late. So I’m here, alone, with waterfalls as eyes and cold as can be. Even though I’m used to being away from hubby, I still never get used to goodbyes and going different directions. I hate it. I already miss him so much and know it’s gonna be like that till he comes home.

We had a great weekend though, so much love and happiness all around! ย Just a shame it had to end in delayed flights and tears(the tears we knew about, it always happens). I’ll write another post about just the wedding soon ๐Ÿ™‚