Yorkville, Toronto

Started the day with breakfast at Nespresso Cafe. This was the first Nespresso Cafe I ever went to and I loved it so much. I was giddy all day and so happy to be back in Toronto!


Yorkville is kind of behind the best main shopping street(it is for me at least) Bloor, and its such a cute little area!
Fika break! (it’s a swedish thing/word, but we all do it. You guys just don’t know the proper word 🙂 )


Whaaat?! That drink was so good btw, almost as good as what’s in the bag 😉


If this is not the most picturesque CL store you’ve ever seen, I need to go wherever you have been.
Happy girl! Can’t wait to go back to see my man play the World Cup and show my parents around. The building here is actually the place where we lived while we were in Toronto 🙂

Oh Toronto how I’ve missed you! It was so fun to be back and see everything again and walk around where we used to live. For you who don’t know and have no idea what I’m talking about, we were living in Toronto for a few months one summer while my hubby was training up there. We both liked it a lot, and me especially since I’ve never lived in a big city before, and here i had the dream location. All the best shops and restaurants right outside our door. Needless to say, i was not bored and alone that summer. I was shopping and alone haha. Till my hubby came back from practice and we went exploring together 🙂

The drive from Buffalo wasn’t bad at all, took us 2 hours I think. We started the day at my beloved Nespresso Cafe and then went out to Bloor street for some shopping and looking around. I found some goodies, I’ll show you guys in another post! When we needed a break we went back to Yorkville for drinks and coffee before we headed home. And oh let me tell you, the drive home was not 2 hours.. We stood still for like and hour and a half! It was crazy, but in the end all worth it and i think my friend liked Toronto too 🙂

A New York minute

Just a quick drive by for this time.

Hello there 🙂 So I’m finally home after that horrible night at the airport. When we finally took off, the flight wasn’t much better. I got the seat in the back, where you can’t recline the seat AT ALL?! I usually can’t sit in the seat for more then take off and then i immediately recline, and now i was stuck sitting like i had a stick up my butt the whole time. But i got home and the bag was there and everything was good. Just dead tired so needed yesterday to regroup and sleep. Also trying to get over this cold that just won’t let go, I’ve had it for weeks now..

On our way back from the wedding we drove through Manhattan to show Dimas mom, who’s never been, and to stop for lunch. I wish we would’ve had more time, I could always do New York but we were literally there for just 40 min(as we all know now, I could’ve stayed a few hours) and then off to the airport. I was so happy haha, lunch at one of my favorite places there and the best avocado toast you can get. Mmmm!

Pictures from the wedding are coming up later tonight 🙂

Getting settled in Buffalo

Bright and early at the airport and then straight to work.
A lot of work..
Best humus in that little pot that I’ve ever had! Spot coffee, I’ll be back.
Love these industrial doors.
The almost finish look.
We decided to go with an Nespresso machine.


Heeeey! Finally I have some time to get this up. So here’s a bunch photos from our weekend in our new home. So far I’m happy with how it have turned out! The furniture that we rented are only okay, for the bedrooms its okay and we’re keeping whats there. But this coffee table and maybe the dining table we’re replacing with something else. The dining table and chairs is just not our style at all. Same with the coffee table actually.

Other than that we got a lot done! Just need to get the tv’s up on the walls and get all that installed, and need some other cozy stuff in their to make it homey. I wonder how our little dog is gonna like it when he doesn’t have a massive rug to run around on. He’ll be sliding all over haha. And wondering even more about how he’s gonna like the snow?!

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Mid morning snack! The only way to eat watermelon.
When this guy hears chewing or cutting, he comes out from his hiding spot and knows there’s a chance..
..that if he’s persistent enough, he’ll get some haha
One more please.

Ah today is one of those when I feel like I have so much to do(nothing super important but still stuff), but instead I’m just sitting here. Thinking of everything I have to do and time is running out haha. Since we’re leaving for Bahamas tomorrow I need to pack and probably do a little laundry. I have a nail appointment and another appointment to go to and we’re gonna try to figure out our car situation today as well. I better get going, but it’s so hard to leave when I have this cuteness overload all up in my business! Can you blame me?!

iPic and Chris Hemsworth

Once you go iPic you never go back!
This theater is 10 min walk from our place. Yeah, we go all the time.
My feet are really not that big..
Always with, never without.

I didn’t bring the camera last night, it didn’t fit in my bag.. But wanted to show you this movie theater so mobile pics will have to do.

As you can see, we did end up going to the movies last night and I don’t think I’ve laughed that much at a movie in a long time! We saw the new Ghostbusters. Didn’t go in with any high expectations for it(we kinda just picked it because I didn’t wanna see the scariest movie of the year, Lights out), but it was great. I saw the first one not that long ago and didn’t think much of it, but this one, THIS ONE, was amazing haha! It doesn’t make it worse that Chris Hemsworth is playing incredible stupid and looking good while doing so. It was such a fun feel good movie, go see it! And if you can, go see it in an iPic theater, that’s the way movies were meant to be watched. Press the button and they’ll come with drinks, food and those dangerously good free bags of popcorn!

Tonight we’re just going out for dinner, we have a little downtown area super close to us with a lot of good restaurants. Same area as where the movie theater is. Have a good night 🙂


My little shadow

Tuss. Tusse. Shelbs. Lille van. Gosse. The list goes on, he have so many nicknames!
Banana ❤

This little pup, is he even real?! I took these yesterday when we were sitting outside sipping mimosas and realize he really does follow us around everywhere. Not super close by and he’s not much for cuddling or sitting in my lap, but he always wants to be where we are. Like this right here, he would never ever go outside if both of us weren’t out there. If one is inside, he’ll stay in the middle to keep control of the situation haha!

I do wish he was more for sitting in my lap and stuff, if I wanna have him with me I have to lure him in with candy haha. Reasonable, I’ll sit next to you for candy too. He’s so soft and cute and have the best personality, I just wanna squeeze him. But, he only comes and stays cozy on his own terms, if I put him next to me he leaves the first chance he gets. Then come back if he feels like it. But then he usually just go and find a sock instead..

It’s a learning process


The laughter you can’t hold back when your man, who usually hates taking photos, starts acting like a photographer!
It does not happen often that we both look our best in the same pic. His face here haha, I can’t! In the middle of a yawn.
More of this look tomorrow, with all somewhat normal pics 😉

Haha some fun from today. It’s hard to take good photos! My man though, he’s the best. I know it’s not his favorite thing to do but he helps me and he’s getting it ❤ Can only get better from here!

Tonight its UFC fight night here at our place! Dima have always liked it, I just started liking it this year and I’m so in to it. We went to Vegas a few weeks ago just to see a fight and it was so fun! Have a good night guys 🙂