Delaware Park


The classic haha

Haha aaaah this guy! He totally completely refused to walk in the park today. We’ve been there before but today he just didn’t feel it I guess. After a while though I could put him down and he was fine. Funny guy. This park is so big and nice, just a 10 minute drive away, love it πŸ™‚

That’s pretty much the only thing I’ve done today, went to the park and then just been home. Gave Shelby a bath which he hates but he’s so itchy and no one can figure out why, I feel so bad for him 😦 In other words we’ve had a lazy Sunday. Unpacked one more box, it’s going slowly but surely haha, but it’s no fun cus the closets here are out of this world horrible. Not thought threw at all so I’m waiting for the closet company to call me back. Need to put some more shelves up for shoes and bags and more spaces to hang clothes on. Also need to go buy more hangers(but that’s easy) and then we’ll be golden πŸ™‚

New workout clothes

LuluLemon is almost the only workout clothes i wear. Super comfy and great quality.
Haha Shelbys posing is amazing! Love the back of these pants.
The pants!


When motivation is non existing, shop for some new workout gear! I did that yesterday and it feels way more fun already haha. This brand is almost the only one I use. It looks and fit so good, but the quality is what makes it so amazing. I have pieces I have had for 4-5 years that I still use. It is a bit pricy but its worth it all the way!

We were busy all day so this is up little late, and now we just got home from dinner and getting ready to sleeeeeeep. We went to a place we haven’t been to for dinner before, only breakfast, and it was so good! I’m so full right now I’m about to explode. Sleep it off right haha! Have a good night and weekend, tomorrow(after our workouts) we’re off to the Bahamas πŸ™‚

Pancake Saturday!

Healthy, no bullshit, blueberry protein pancakes! Made with rice flour, protein powder, quinoa flour, baking powder, eggs and sweetener. And it taste amazing!
It looks like any American diner but let me tell you it’s not!Β 

So excited for this mornings breakfast haha! This is from last Saturday when we went for pancakes after our workouts, and today we’re doing the same. Just waiting for Dima to finish up his pool workout and then we’re off for pancakes. I did my workout already so I’m probably just gonna go float around on my watermelon while waiting for him. Could the weekend start any better? I think not πŸ™‚

Morning smoothie

1 scoop vegan protein powder, handful of spinach, 1/4 cup oats and some frozen banana


Green monster shake! It taste chocolatey from the protein. This protein powder is the best vegan one out there I think. I’m not vegan, but whey protein or other dairy based proteins are in general not that great for you, so I like to use this one and it taste better than anyone I’ve tried.

Hey guys! I just got home from my workout a while ago and now I’m just enjoying my coffee and my usual breakfast, because there’s absolutely no time for that at 7.30 in the morning. So I thought I’d share my quick go to shake with you that I make in the mornings now. I make it as a snack as well since they work super good as a pre/post workout shake, or just a midday snack. But the main thing right now is that its fast, fast means more sleep haha!

I’m not saying its the best tasting smoothie out there(I think it tastes great but I might be used to it haha). If you’re a ‘thick, fruit smoothie’ kinda person this probably isn’t for you. But its a great way to get all you need in a meal fast, and without being loaded with unnecessary sugars like most smoothies are. In fact mine turn out more like juice with plump(from the oats), because i add so much water. Drinking water through out the day is something I’m so bad at so adding A LOT of it to my shake makes drink a little more at least. Some days I switch the oats for avocado which makes it a little bit creamier. If you try it let me know what you think πŸ™‚


Mrs. Always Right


Grapefruit obsession!
This view never gets old

Good morning, nice coffee cup huh? Haha I wish it was true but honestly, I’m never right!

Just got home from my workout a little while ago and now just having breakfast on our balcony. Love this view! Β When I make breakfast at home this is my go to. If my husband have a day off we either go out or i make us a big brunch here or something, but on just a normal morning this is what I usually make. So simple but I love it, even craving it sometime! Just oatmeal with egg whites, pumpkin spice, topped with chopped walnuts and a side of grapefruit chunks and of course coffee.

My workouts are usually later, way later.Β But my trainer is also my husbands trainer and the trainer for a camp going on right now, so I get to go either really early or really late. If I wait till the afternoon I’ll never get it done, so early it is! But that’s nice too cus i have all day to do someting else πŸ™‚

Manny(the tranier) have probably forgotten I’m not part of the professional athlete guys he’s working out for the rest of the day. I’ve been sore for a week haha! He’s kicked it up for sure, but i guess that’s good. Yay for super early workouts and for them being extra hard… Awesome!

Happy Friday!